Act II: Sinister

by The Seige

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released October 4, 2016

Written & Performed by: Taz Conley, Riley Taylor
Mixed & Mastered by: Derek Olds
Artwork by: Riley Taylor



all rights reserved


The Seige Los Angeles, California

The Seige is Taz Conley on vocals and Riley Taylor on production. Two young creative musicians who left their hometowns in pursuit of their own personal goals and ended up finding more than just each other in the land of Lost Angels. This is The Seige.

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Track Name: Duplicate
How many times we gotta go back and fourth again
I know you hating, know you waiting on my rule to end
This that take it to the hole and just lay it in
Ain't it fucked up what friends end up going to friends
Kings never worry bout’ the hate
President ain't worried bout’ the states
Going for the bait
I’ma bring the war to your face
Hear the bass when I pull up to your gate, huh?
This the vibe
Own the night
Wake up don’t get tired
Start a riot
Man y’all must be high
Hit the pipe
Come close don’t get sniped
Fuck your life
Sho’ you right
Whole team here
Staying hydrated gotta grow this year
Lot of niggas trying to make my dough disappear
Boy i’m sitting at the top
You ain't on this tier
Said i’m the best and you know that’s true
You ain't never really heard a flow this cool
Full speed flow
I don’t even really see no stop signs I just roll right through
May the lord be with you
Got em’ trying to find the scripture
This a verse and a curse man a violent mixture
Known to shake up the Earth yeah i’m right on the Richter
Living on the edge gets you cut right out the picture
Welcome to the jungle hoe
Where kings get low that’s overthrow
Blood on the walls like Jericho
Another man sworn in that’s a puppet show
Pop music that’s a minstrel show
Modern day Vincent Van Gogh
Gotta’ see the wolves when they in sheep clothes
Jon Snow should have never trust them crows
I turn into a lion when I’m in the booth
I know you niggas lying when you in the booth
I hit home runs when i’m on the plate
Got your God damn wife trying to immigrate
Seige all up in your mother fucking real estate
Niggas always wanna judge, never litigate
We ain't never in a rush we just marinate
We just take these wins and we
Duplicate, Duplicate

Take these wins
Duplicate, Duplicate
Take these wins
Take these wins
We just take these wins and we
Duplicate, Duplicate
Take these wins
Duplicate, Duplicate
Take these wins

Back to the
Back to the truth
Y’all better act like knew
Who’s next nigga pass me the queue
Back in the booth
Man i’m fiona’ spas with the crew
Better take our ass back to the zoo
Blocka, blocka
I’m here to bring the drama
Word to momma
Gorillas straight from Ghana
Holla, holla
Don’t infiltrate the saga
Spitting lava
My mouth is like a sauna in Nevada
Staring right at you like what’s the problem
Whole bunch of wolves and we steady prowling
Remember the days when you doubted
Now i’m steady counting
We stacking like public housing
You don’t really want to know the rate
You ain't really keeping up the pace
Your shit ain't really jumping out the face
We just listen to the hate and we
Duplicate, Duplicate

Take these wins
We just
We just take these wins
Take these wins
Take these wins
We just take these wins and we
Duplicate, Duplicate

May the rays of the future shine bright on you
Each time that you sleep you wake up anew
You may not be sober
You may fuck me over but each night I’m still gon’ wait up on you
They say that forgiveness is freedom
What is this light that i’m seeing
I stopped feeling reckless
Asked God for a message and he hit me right in my DM
Time after time
I go line for line
And each time I climb it seems paradigm
You know love’s sublime
I’ma put in overtime just to let you hold all of mine
Sorry for how long winded this is
But as I sit here writing sentences
I think back on how much we could have made it
And how much we should have just duplicated
Track Name: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Aye hold up man
I got something to say man wait
What y’all out here for man?
What you here for huh?
Does your life matter?
Does your life matter?
You ready for this?
You ready to take control?
Are you giving up control or are you taking control?
You know what happens
You know what happens to people who don’t take control?
They get deleted
You ready to get deleted or are you ready to take control?
Get on your feet
Let’s go

Pack your bags girl let’s get out of dodge
Sick of living life
Sick of counting scars
We the ones who go to war against the Gods
We the shadows that move around in the dark
Take your life back
Take your time nigga
Welcome to the Tribe, check the rhyme nigga
I was doing bad, couldn’t find niggas
Now my phone ringing all the time nigga
We the
Only ones
Holy sons
Mommas dead kids holding guns
Catch em’ early put that poison
In their bottles, word to Donald Trump
Walking around with the zombies
I know my home team got me
Michael Jordan with the Scotty
Apollo Creed with the Rocky

(Pre Chorus)
We gon’ take it fast
You can take it slow
We don’t take no breaks
We just take control

Take control
Put out your flags
Let’s get it
Spazz, go
Take it
Take control
We gotta take control
Hands up let’s take control
Get on your feet let’s take control
Fight for what you know
Get on your feet let’s take control

This is the new wave
Be your own boss
That drop out of school wave
Don’t be a fool wave
Stop being a slave for minimum crew wage
Graduate and try your luck
Couple thousand for them books
What you got?
A desk job or a sex job, boy you still gettin’ fucked
Wit’ it now
Break the pillars down
I don’t fall in love
I just hit it now
She said why is that
I just gave her facts
Gave my heart up once and I ain't get it back
Turned into a savage
Happy with the madness
Sick of living broke
Trying to find the balance
Moving through the paint
But they steady fouling
Bearing all my fruits
Feeding my battalion

(Pre Chorus)
We take it fast
You can take it slow
We don’t take no breaks
We just take control

Let’s take control
Fight the power
We gotta take control right now everybody bring it
Light it on fire
Every time we’ve been down we take control
It’s our country baby
Let’s take control
Let’s go
Get on your feet
Let’s take control
Track Name: Kid
True story
Just a kid
And every kid gotta prove himself right?

It was only a matter of time
Twelve minutes till nine
In my mind i’m feeling like two super villains combined
Keeping a look out
Make sure nobody’s blowing up my spot
Thinking about the situation, how i’m bout to pull this off
Should I catch em’ in the alleyway or in the parking lot?
Helicopters over top, the cops are just an afterthought
I see some lights flash my way
So I crouch into a squat
I can’t let these fucking agents come and interrupt the plot
Ten minutes
I’m still kind of nervous but ambitious
I left the ski mask at home, it’s clear vision
I gotta do it quick and quiet
No damn witness
Mind your business or I’ll light the block
Merry Christmas
This planned out
Me and the crew we fanned out
One man still in the car, the damn scout
He hit me on the phone and alarmed all my focus
Just to let me know that my target approaches

Just a kid trying to be man
Just a kid I was trying to be a man, sweat dripping from my hand
Just a kid trying to be a man
Just a kid trying to be a man

Back to get jacked
I spot my target way back
The silhouette is just like my clothes, they all black
My stomach tightened up and I start feeling the nerves
Man I knew this would happen right when I noticed the curves
Teeth clenching, sweat dripping, hitting the curb
Haze all around, somebody’s hitting the herb
This shit should have been done
I’m hesitating
See I’ve been waiting, deliberating and calculating
I’m laying low
There she go
I creep up slow
Right from behind, she’s blind, she don’t even know
In my mind, i’m thinking of time
What be the shortest?
Heart right starting to climb, I reach for it
Pull it out
You already know what i’m bout’
It’s that action baby, you won’t hear a word out my mouth
I just
Turn her around and hit her with that surprise
Lift that thing up slow while I look into her eyes

Just a kid trying to be a man
Just a kid trying to be a man
I don’t know if I can
Just a kid trying to be a man
Just a kid trying to be a man

Moment of truth
Sink or swim boy what you gon’ do
Ball is in your court, this shit is on you
So I reached in my pocket and pulled it out
Man I knew she would want it
That little piece of paper with them seven digits on it

Just a kid trying to be a man